RBcAP 2nD (cAP) 2.4Ghz


RBcAP2nD adalah type pengganti dari RBcAP2n merupakan solusi Wireless AP untuk Jaringan Hotspot. Memiliki 1 buah port ethernet, 1 buah access point embedded 2,4 GHz, antenna mimo 2 x 2dbi. Sudah termasuk power adaptor.

Desain Pemasangan Access Point di langit-langit.

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Feature :


  • Ceiling Mount Design
  • Support PoE 802.3at TypeB
  • High-Gain Ceiling Antenna



Spesifikasi RBcAP2nD
Product Code RBcAP2nD
Architecture MIPS-BE
CPU QCA9533 650MHz
Current Monitor no
Main Storage/NAND 16MB
SFP Ports 0
LAN Ports 1
Gigabit No
Switch Chip 0
MiniPCI 0
Integrated Wireless 1
Wireless Standarts 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless Tx Power 17dbm
Integrated Antenna Yes
Antenna Gain 2 x 2dBi
MiniPCIe 0
SIM Card Slots No
Power on USB No
Memory Cards No
Power Jack 0
802.3af Support Yes, TypeB (Power Pin: 4,5+/7,8-)
POE Input Yes
POE Output No
Serial Port No
Voltage Monitor No
Temperature Sensor No
Dimentions 185 x 185 x 31mm
Operating System RouterOS
Temperature Range -10C to +70C
RouterOS License Level4

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 900 g
RBcAP 2nD (cAP) 2.4Ghz